ShivAdya Himalayan Handcrafted Resort


ShivAdya was conceived 3 years ago while holidaying in Adamans. The idea was to set up a small boutique property providing experience of a mountain holiday and keeping local ethos in mind.
The entire property is designed taking ideas from local architecture of Kullu, Kinnaur, Mandi & Kangra valleys.
It’s a great amalgam of temple & house architecture from around Himachal and also takes ideas from Colonial buildings for its interiors.
ShivAdya has been weaved by hands as much as possible using local materials with mud, stone and wood only.
Different stones with different masonry art has been used all around the property.
The outside façade is very different to the boundary walls which are again different to the inside walls. The concept of 0 wastage and being eco-friendly have been utilised.
Whatever mud was excavated for making the buildings has been used for landscaping and as plaster on walls.
Almost entire guest areas are without any paintwork.
Even the wood finish has been done using a preservant so as to retains its original properties and preserve it from moisture and UV rays.
The guests walls have been plastered using old techniques using a mix of cow dung, rice husk, pine needles and mud.

The entire plaster has been hand applied and any concrete or other waste generated in construction has been used in landfills and thus reducing any waste going out from the construction site. Most of local material has been sourced from in and around Kullu Valley only. Wood used is also of varied Himalayan varities.
One of the building of one of the cottages has been constructed using the old construction technique. The base of the building starts from 8 feet below ground and is 3 feet wide. The walls of building start rising from 8 feet of depth and emerge out from where it is 18 inches wide. This block has been made without iron rods (the moderns style using pillars & beams). This block was earlier conceived to have a mud lentel resting on wooden planks between ground and first floor but since this style would had let sound travel between both the floors, it was modified to be a concrete lentel. Three pillars providing strength to the lentel & roof have painstakingly handmade using stone work.
The tastefully done wood work drives its inspiration from the local art work. ShivAdya has 7 high ceiling rooms give you a royalty feel of erstwhile Raj era.
Entire furniture has been handcrafted and made on site. Cottage block I has furniture made of local Fir wood with simple designs. Ground floor of Cottage block II has furniture made of Sheesham and its first floor has Walnut furniture.
Even the entire flooring in rooms is of hard wood. Flooring of 9 rooms in block 2 has been done using different style drawing inspiration from floor art work from Belgium in usage in 1800’s. We take pride in calling ShivAdya a handcrafted resort because almost everything from its stone work to wood work and walls have been made using hands and traditional techniques.
ShivAdya is located midway on Manali – Naggar road, surrounded by apple orchards and every direction provides unmatched splendid views. One can enjoy views of dense forest, apple orchard, valley, snow clad mountains. ShivAdya provides you ample opportunities of enjoying a Himalayan Holiday. You can go on numerous walks & hikes (orchard, rice fields, water fall, mountain, forest, village, river, stream), enjoy camping, picnic lunches, fishing, cycling, biking or fulfilling your dream of a mountain holiday simply sit back & enjoy
ShivAdya has ample space of endless beautiful views and all that you dream of a wonderful relaxing holiday. We guarantee you would not be able to capture the entire views that your room or balconies provides in one single sight, we provide you a minimum 270 degree view.